Sim Survivor 5: Episode 4

Previously on Sim Survivor,


Hatutu won it’s first immunity,


Millie tried to hold together an all girls alliance,


Amir confided in Alabaster,

and unfortunately for Millie and Yolandri,


Cassie abandoned the girls alliance,


and Millie was eliminated.

13 Sims are left:


Hatutu: Jeriah Marcello, Minerva Forthwith, Amir Kanaan, Robin Styles, Alabaster Strange, Jacqueline Bellerose and Richard James.


Eiao: Yolandri Sato, Cassie Hastings, Moondoggie Grayson, Jane Jacobs, Jake Garvin and Reginald Quivers.

Eiao Night 9:


Reginald: There were votes for me tonight! Oi! I cannot believe it! Well, the two girls could not beat me and I am still here!


Yolandri: What the hell! Cassie betrayed me! I expected Jane to abandon me, but Cassie too! Now Millie is gone and I am stuck unto myself! Oh this is not good.

Hatutu Night 9:


Richard: Eiao losing was perfect. It has given me three more days of wiggle room. If I can talk to the right people and make the right arguments  I might be able to stick around another 3, 6 or even 9 more days.


Alabaster: What do you think about him?

Jacqueline: He is out next, he has to be!

Alabaster: What do you think he is doing out there?

Jacqueline: Beats me, probably looking for an idol, I don’t know.


Alabaster: Of course! The hidden immunity idol! Why have I not thought of that sooner! Somewhere on this island is the idol! I must have it! With that, why, I could be more powerful than the almighty Harold Houdidni himself!

Eiao Day 10:


Jane *reading*: Attention Eiao! Outnumbered, you now have the opportunity to kidnap a member of Hatutu, choose wisely and send 1 member to battle him.

Cassie: Oh sweet guys! We get to kidnap!

Jane: I can’t wait to get Jeriah back!


Jake: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m not sure we should take Jeriah back.

Jane: What! Why not? He is fit and one of us! The longer he stays over there the more likely he will be eliminated!


Jane: Well, who do you think we should kidnap instead? We aren’t stealing old lady wrinkles are we?

Jake: No, I think we should take Amir, the foreigner.


Jane: Him? For real??

Jake: Yeah! Think about it! He won that last challenge!

Jane: It was f–king MUSICAL CHAIRS! That shouldn’t even count as a challenge!


Jake: Well, I recall him doing pretty good in the running challenge too. He is worthy of kidnapping, Jeriah needs to stay so he can extract information. He is resilient, he is fine.


Jane: Ok, who wants to try it with Amir?

Cassie:…I think it is a good idea.

Jake: I do too, come on Jane, what do you say?

Jane: …. Ok.


Jane: What do I really think? I think it is an awful idea! I have beaten Amir before, he is not that good! It is not worth the risk of keeping Jeriah on the other side, he could be eliminated! We should be kidnapping Jeriah.


Jake: Jane got really upset today. I think I know why. I am almost 60, I’ve seen things like this before. Jane likes Jeriah. It is obvious, the way she practically blew up in my face, it’s clear.

Hatutu Day 10:


Minerva: Uh-oh, Amir, it looks like they want to kidnap you!

Jacqueline: What!

Robin: Wow!


Jeriah: Well, good luck, its hard to win when your nervous about your fate on the other tribe.

Amir: I just can’t believe they want me!

Jeriah: Yeah… me too.


Jeriah: I kinda took it upon myself to sabotage this  team when I became a part of it. I just thought that they would kidnap me back at their first opportunity. I guess they have other plans in mind. I guess I will just continue my plan. 


Amir: I was just getting comfortable here. I had confided in Alabaster and was making a close relationship and BAM! I might be kidnapped today, but it wont be easy!


Richard: They chose Amir! I wish them the best of luck to that team with that loser! … It’s just that, I wish they would kidnap me, I would provide so much more for them. 


Kidnap challenge kick-off!

Rules:  Each sim will have 2 chances to try and score on the other sim. Whoever has the most scores wins, if there is a tie, sudden death will take place.


Amir gets to go first.


Jane is in goal.


Jane saves Amir’s first shot!

Amir goes to shoot again,


and Jane saves it!


Amir: Drat! I am so nervous, I hope she misses.

Amir makes it very east for Jane, she has 2 shots, she only has to make 1 to win.


Jane is up to shoot. She shoots,


and scores!


Jane: Yahoo! I did it!! AHH! Come on Amir! Welcome to Eiao!

Eiao Day 10:


Jane: Guys! We got Amir!

Amir: Hi guys, I guess I am on your team now.


Amir: Well, I am not happy. I did not plan on being a part of this team. Oh gosh, I have to start all over now. Its gonna be a long night!

Hatutu Day 11:


Alabaster: Last night it was clear that Amir wasn’t coming back. Which is not good for me. My ally is gone. So I woke up real early with a plan! I plan to scour the island for the idol. If I can find it then I will be safe. 


Alabaster: The truest thing my mother told me was “Alabaster, the early rising magician catches the dove”! Or something like that with birds and waking up. I don’t know.


Alabaster: Whoa! There it is! The idol!


Alabaster: I just can’t believe how easily I found it! Maybe I am more than a magician! Maybe I am part psychic!


Richard: Amir is gone. The others are upset, but not me! I see his exit as a perfect opportunity for me. I can really make a big move now!


Richard: So Jeriah, I was wondering, if we are to lose, what are your plans? Who are you tight with?

Jeriah: Well, to be blunt, my plan was to stick with Jacqueline and her group and vote you out, but I am open to all suggestions.

Richard: Well, this is great news because I do have to tell you, after I go, they will try to get rid of you. I mean, I am an outsider, but so are you. You know?


Jeriah: Oh I know, so tell me your plan!

Richard: Well, if you really are close with Jacqueline, then you could get her to vote with us, we could tie the vote and maybe get rid of Minerva. And think, if we did that, we would have control of this tribe!

Jeriah: That plan does sound enticing!


Jeriah: Like I said before, I am here to disrupt this team! If I can get Jacqueline to vote with me and get rid of the strategic head of the Hatutu alliance, I will practically be giving myself a pass to the final 5! No one could stop me! Richard is really a brilliant guy, he just needs 1 more person to work with him!

Eiao Day 11:


Jane: Hey guys, I am gonna go on a quick run!


Yolandri: To where?

Jane: Does it matter?


Jane: I am a survivor fan. I know that somewhere on this island, there is a hidden immunity idol! I think today is a perfect day to go looking for it!


Jane: It’s gotta be somewhere…


Jane: Aha! Found you! Only took a couple of hours, I hope no one has noticed my absence.


Jane: Ill just take you!


Amir: She is a fool! She really is! Who just up and leaves camp without reason? I knew where she was going, this is great information for me to use! I just need to use it at the right time!

Eiao Night 11:


Cassie: Girl! Where have you been? You have been gone all day!

Jane: I’m sorry, I should’ve told you, I went looking for the idol.

Cassie: The idol! Did you have a clue?

Jane: No, but I didn’t need one!


Jane: I found it! Would you believe that?

Cassie: AHHH!

Jane: Shh! I don’t want anyone to be suspicious!

Cassie: Suspicious! You and Amir were gone all day! Everyone is suspicious.

Jane: What? Amir was gone too?


Cassie: Yeah, we though he was with you, he left like 5 minutes after you did.

Jane: Oh no!

Cassie: What is it?

Jane: He might’ve….


Amir: … Oh I did!


Jane: You… you followed me?

Amir: Sure did! And I saw you find that idol! I know you have it, and I am going to tell everyone!

Jane: No Amir, please don’t! They will think I am a threat! What can I do to stop you?


Amir: I need to stay. You keep me in the loop and keep me from being voted out! Alright? Or if you vote me out, I will expose you right at tribal council to everyone!

Jane: Ok, you got it!


Cassie: Well, I guess it is good that Jane found the idol. In the long run, it will help. I am not too excited to have Amir be part of our alliance, but, it is what it is. 


Jane: I must have lost my edge after being stuck with these chumps for the past 11 days. Amir comes to our team and stirs everything up for me! He is really proving to be a tough competitor! This is why we should have kidnapped Jeriah!


Amir: Today was one of my best in the game so far! I found someone finding an idol! I brought myself into an alliance! You know, it’s not survivor if your not spying, lying and crying! I have not cried, but, today I spied and I totally lied to Jane! Her idol will be outed, even if she does keep me safe!

Day 12 challenge: Survivor Shuffleboard


In this challenge, 2 representatives will face off in a best of 3 game of shuffleboard. Each opponent will have 3 discs to shoot, whoever scores the most points wins the round. The first team to win 2 rounds wins immunity.


In addition to winning immunity, the winning team will also get 3 sleeping bags.


Playing for Hatutu are Jacqueline Bellerose and Robin Styles. Their discs are RED.


Playing for Eiao are Reginald Quivers and Amir Kanaan. Their discs are BLUE.

First match up: Robin vs. Reginald.

Robin goes first.


Robin aims. He misses.

Reginald aims and misses his first shot also.

Robin goes again.


Robin’s disc earns 2 points.


Reginald aims.


He knocks out Robin and claims the 2 points.


Robin goes again, he knocks Reginald’s disc, but it moves to the 3 point zone.


Reginald aims his last disc.


This disc lands in the two point zone. Eiao wins Round 1.


Reginald: When I went to school, we did not learn mathematics, we did not learn science, we did not learn how to blueberry farm. Instead, we learned how to SHUFFLEBOARD!


Robin: Oh god, Reginald beat me! But how!

Round 2 is Jacqueline vs. Amir, if Amir wins, Eiao wins immunity.


Jacqueline goes first. She shoots and lands in the 1 point zone.


Amir’s disc also lands in the 1 point zone.


Jacqueline shoots again.


This time, she knocks Amir’s disc into the 2 point zone.


Amir’s turn. He misses.


This is Jacqueline’s last shot, she misses.


Amir purposely misses his last shot so Eiao can win round 2.

Eiao wins immunity!


Jacqueline: It is hard for me to lose, especially at something so easy, but alas, Hatutu loses again. Tribal here we come.

Eiao Day 12:


Reginald: Just think eh! Those girls, they wanted me out! How dar they! They woulda lost at the shuffleboard, no?


Amir: You know, things are not so bad here. This team wins, this team has every sleeping bag. I am not so disappointed anymore being on this team. It pains me to say this but, go Eiao!


Yolandri: It is good that my team won because, if we lost, I might be the one who would have gone home. But we won, so I get to stick around a little bit longer.

Hatutu Day 12:


Richard: Shame! We lost? Who would’ve saw that one coming? Oh yeah, everyone! We lose because our team sucks! They never let me compete in the challenges. I mean, our dream team lost today. Robin was the only person from our team to win a 1 on 1 battle. Jacqueline is great at the challenges. Put them together and… we still lose! Why can’t I participate in a challenge Minerva!? Huh? This is terrible, I can’t wait to write her name down again! Maybe this time it will actually be her!


Jeriah: So, I’ve been talking to Richard and he has a wonderful plan.


Jacqueline: I don’t know if I want to be a part of Richard’s plan. It is so risky, we would only tie the vote, there is no guarantee that things would change!

Jeriah: But things might change! And if the three of us stick together, we can take over this game! Where do you see yourself in that alliance?

Jacqueline: Without Amir, I am 4th, with him, best case scenario I am 5th. I know it is bad, but, it is good, it is something constant. To take a risk now, on day 12, it is just bad timing!


Jeriah: We have to make a move, or we are next to go.


Jacqueline: I don’t know what to do, what he says makes sense to me, but, I am comfortable in my original alliance. Tonight’s vote will be tough.


Jeriah: She might keep me from breaking apart this tribe, but I think I might have just sold her. 


Richard: So, are we set?

Jeriah: We are set baby! We are set!


Robin: I know the obvious vote would be to vote off Richard, but let’s not do it. Let’s vote off Jeriah!

Minerva: What? Why? He is strong, and we will need him to spy for us when we merge! He will be our double-agent!

Robin: What makes you think he won’t just go right back to them?


Minerva: I don’t know, but I would rather have him than Richard here. Richard has been gunning to get me out from the start! He is a threat to my safety in the game, and until he is gone, I will worry!

Robin: We really need to plan ahead, Jeriah could —

Minerva: No Robin! I’ve made it clear who I am voting for.


Robin: Just consider my plan, Jeriah is a dark horse. He can do whatever he wants.


Robin: Jeriah is the most dangerous guy here. He has friends on the enemy side! He is the enemy in disguise! Richard has been a dissentor, but that is all he is. He must weight 100 pounds when wet. He has no physical ability, I would love to keep him around because I know I could beat him. I can’t beat Jeriah. I did once, but I am not sure I could do it again. If I want to control my fate in the game, I need to start playing by my own hand. I need to clear my own path.


Richard: It is funny, I have never been so excited for a tribal council before. To think, what I have been waiting for 12 days might actually come true tonight!


Minerva: Richard has got to go! He is the last of the Artists Alliance, he is dead to me. He means nothing, with him gone, I can progress further.

Hatutu’s third tribal council:



Richard votes for Minerva.


Robin votes for Jeriah.


Minerva and Alabaster vote for Richard.


Jeriah votes for Minerva and…….. Jacqueline votes for Richard.


The votes read 3 Richard, 2 Minerva, 1 Jeriah. Richard is the fourth sim to be voted out.

Richard’s final confession: SHIT! What happened? Someone didn’t vote for Minerva! And Jeriah didn’t vote for himself! If Jacqueline voted with me and not against me, Minerva would be gone! This is not fair! I demand a re-count! 

Obviously I came here with the intention to win. I figured everyone did, but that is not the case for the people who keep Minerva, she will beat you, all of you! Get rid of her! Argh!

I guess all I have to say is that I am embarrassed to be beaten by a 70 year old on national television. Hats off to ya Minerva.

12 are left. Who will be voted out next time on Sim Survivor?


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