Sim Survivor 5: Episode 1


Welcome to Marquesas islands! It is here that 16 strangers will embark on an adventure of a lifetime! This is Sim Survivor 5: Kidnap Islands! Here these strangers will fight for the title of Sole Survivor over a 39 day period. It will test emotional, physical and mental strengths! In the end, there will be 1 winner! The winner will receive 1 million simoleons and the title of Sole Survivor. Who will it be?


This is Minerva Forthwith, she is 70, the oldest contestant this season, because of this, she will pick the first person to be on her tribe. Minerva’s tribe is Hatutu, it is purple.


Minerva picks Amir Kanaan, a prince from Jarrah.


This is Jake Garvin, the oldest man on this season, he is 59 and will be the team captain of Eiao, the black team.


Jake picks Cassie Hastings as the first female member of  Eiao.

Now it is Minerva’s turn to pick, she picks…


Jamie Sparks, a young artist from New York.

Jake gets to pick again, he picks…


Jeriah Marcello, the youngest player in this season.

Now Minerva gets to pick again, she chooses…


Alabaster Strange, a magician whose come all the way from Australia.

Jake picks now, and he adds…


Yolandri Sato to his team.

Minerva chooses now, she picks…


Jacquline Bellerose to her team.

Jake picks:


Reginald Quivers.

Minerva chooses:


Robin Styles.

Jake picks:


Jane Jacobs.

Minerva picks:


Alyssa Wu.

Jake picks:


Moondoggie Grayson.

Now, just two sims are left, because they are the last two to be chosen, one of them will get a special advantage after the immunity challenge.

Minerva gets….


Richard James by default

and Jake gets…


Millie Thompson by default.

And so completes the teams,


This is Eiao, the black team.


This is Hatutu, the purple team.

And so the game begins, both tribes make their way off to their designated camps,

Hatutu, Day 1:


Minerva: I may be old, but I’m not foolish. Last season a woman named Bella was the third eliminated, she was ousted because of her age. Here’s the kicker, she was 50 something, and here I am 70! Ha! I very strategically picked me a team of nothings! Not an A-team, but a… B-team, because if I want to survive, I have to be able to not be on the chopping block, and with some of the weaklings I chose, I won’t be on the chopping block!


Jamie: Oh God! We have been on this beach for all of 10 minutes and I can already tell this is gonna be rough! There is no muscle on our team! The men are weak, and so are the women. And Minerva! Well she is pushing herself coming out here! I respect her choice, but not so much the producers, I’m afraid she might drop dead or something…


Jacqueline steps away from shelter building and starts fishing with her luxury item: her fishing pole.


Richard: Getting picked last was the worst! I mean, it felt like high school kickball all over again! But to be honest, I don’t know why I was chosen last, there are some real losers on this team. Ha! But c’mon, last? What was Minerva thinking? The heat must have gotten to her head, she should know that I am not “last-pick” material, she should look out!

Eiao Day 1:


Millie: I wasn’t so upset about being picked last. It happens, I am not offended. And, I mean, I like this team, there is already a good-vibe going on, I can feel it!


Reginald: This game is a really fun one! I watch this game for a long time. But now I am here! What on God’s blueberry covered earth took them this long to choose me, eh?


Jane: So you guys thinking what I am thinking? Alliance!


Jeriah: I am 100 percent with you girl, we need an alliance, and let’s face it, the three of us are the strongest here. It’s totally us.

Jane: Good, I am glad we are on the same page, but we will need one more person to have half the vote.

Grayson: How about Yolandri maan?

Jane: Nah, I was thinking Cassie, she looks like a strong girl.

Jeriah: Alright with me, why don’t you go ask her?


Jeriah: Grayson is a good guy, the two of us will make it far together, we’re the strongest two guys here. Jane… I can work with Jane too. She’s aight. I am not sure about Cassie though, she’s hard to read.


Jane: So what do you say about joining my alliance with Grayson and Jeriah?

Cassie: I’m glad you thought of me, but I was thinking of you and me working with Millie and Yolandri in an all-girl alliance.


Cassie: Think about it, it worked great at the end of last season! But if we started today, on day 1, we could rock this game!

Jane: I’ll get back to you on that!


Jane: No, No, NO! I don’t like that idea at all. Millie is young and naive and Yolandri is… well just look at her! She’s dirt under my feet! She looks like she’s walked out of some weird anime show thing! I don’t think I will be taking part in any all-girl alliance.

Hatutu, Night 1:


Richard: So, the two of us have to stick together, we were the last picked for our team! What do ya say?

Alyssa: Sounds great, I was thinking along the same lines. That Minerva! She didn’t know she shoulda picked us first!

Richard: Right? She made a big mistake! So, what do you do for a living?


Alyssa: I really like Richard, we are both creative writers, I am a poet, he is a musician. I think the two of us will work well together!

Eiao, Night 1:

Reginald has started a fire at Eiao!


Jake: Good job Reg! I didn’t know you had it in ya!

Reginald: No problem, hey have I told you guys about the demise of my family? It was drastic! A group sharks attacked them and ate them all!

Millie: No! You can’t be serious! Sharks ate your whole family?

Reginald: Yes! My adoptive family! All 6 of them! Eaten!


Yolandri: Your crazy dude.


Yolandri: My name is Reginald, and I am from Romania and I love blueberries… hahaha! This guy is a whack job!

Cassie: He really is, but you know, at least he can help around camp.


Yolandri: My chest hair is long enough to serve as kindling for a fire. My sister was eaten by Godzilla.

Cassie: HAAH! Stop, he isn’t that bad.


Cassie: You know, we could use him! We could make him the 5th member in our girl alliance.

Yolandri: HA! His hair and man boobs practically make him a girl.

Cassie: But seriously, he could stick with us to the end!


Yolandri: I don’t want to work with Reginald. He is here as entertainment, that’s it. He is here… well yeah, to entertain, she has to be joking about him, he is a nut!

Hatutu, Day 2


Richard: So Jamie, Alyssa and I wanted to know if you want in on our alliance. It a sort of… all-artist-alliance.


Jamie: Oh, Im totally up for that! How’d you know I was an artist?

Alyssa: We can just tell!

Richard: I’m so glad your with us! So we plan to take out Minerva first.

Jamie: You guys are just awesome! Your both artists and you don’t like Minerva, we’re gonna be great friends!


Jamie: It’s sweet to be in an alliance. I like Alyssa and Richard, they’re both down to earth and I mean, have you seen the other guys here? There’s a magician, an old woman, and some foreign man. At least Richard and Alyssa are somewhat normal.


Richard: It’s great to build this alliance. Alyssa and I have successfully added Jamie, just one more person and we will have half the team! 


Minerva: I don’t like the three of them over there. They’re scheming.

Jacqueline: Oh, they’re probably writing a poem, just let them be.

Alabaster: It’s good to take note of their alliance, I think Minerva’s right, they’re conspiring, let’s just keep watch of them…


Alabaster: I think Minerva is paranoid. I mean, I would be too, she’s old as magic! She’s probably met Houdini! But she needs to chill out, or the stress might get to her…


Minerva: If there’s one thing I know after living for 70 years its people. They are close already! I can just tell! They need to be destroyed before they can get rid of me.


Robin: Well, I guess it’s better to sleep somewhere than to not sleep at all…

Eiao, Day 2:


Jake: So, I was wondering if you were ok about being last picked.

Millie: Oh yeah, don’t worry, I am not that kinda girl, I don’t hold grudges.


Jake: Thats great to know, no hard feelings?

Millie: No hard feelings.


Jake: I feel like a great team leader! Everyone is having fun, no one is conspiring, Millie isn’t upset. Things are great here.


Grayson: So man, whats the deal with Jane?

Jeriah: I think she is with us, but 3 isn’t enough, we need more people in an alliance.


Jeriah: I think we should bring Jake into our alliance. He is old, but he can get stuff done.

Grayson: Maaan, I agree! Jake is wicked!


Grayson: Jeriah is a great dude! Man, he is just right on my level, my sea-level!

Hatutu, Day 2:


Jamie: So what are your thoughts on the other guys?

Jacqueline: They’re great! Alabaster is so entertaining, and Robin is so friendly. They’re just fun!

Jamie: Yeah…… hey, are you a good swimmer?

Jacqueline: Well, as far as water goes, I am a better fisher than swimmer. But I think I am good at it.


Jamie: I tried to get Jacqueline on our side, but I think it’s too late, she’s on the dark side now.


Jacqueline: I got a fish!!!


Robin: Guys, I started a fire!

Minerva: AHH! Yes Robin! Good Job!


Amir: So what if he started a fire? And so what if she caught a fish? My people of Jannah do that for me all day! Things here will get better when wi-fi is installed. When will wi-fi be a reward?


Robin: I think starting a fire has helped my placement in the tribe. I feel like a strong contributor which is good. And hey! Jacqueline just caught a fish! Things are getting  better here!

Eiao, Night 2:


Reginald: And there the ghost was! In the blueberry field! Right there!

Jane: What!

Millie: Oh no!

Reginald: Oh yes! And the ghost said “You will avenge me Reginald! AVENGE ME!”


Cassie: But, then who was the ghost?

Reginald: My father, Yanni!


Cassie: HA! I knew he was a fool! Yesterday he said his father’s name was Vassilis, today he said it was Yanni! He is full of s—!


Millie: Reginald is a fun guy. We all listen to his fireside stories, we go along with them. “What? They exploded?” or “No! That cannot be!” They are no way true, but they are fun to listen to! Hahahaha. 


Reginald: My father Yanni left me when I was young, but I have met him in his afterlife, that is true. My adoptive father, Vassilis, was eaten alive by sharks alongside the rest of his family.

Day 3, Immunity challenge.


This is the first immunity challenge, in this challenge, team-mates will take a dip in the water, it is a cool day and is raining, the longest lasting sim will win immunity for their team. Additionally, the last picked member of the losing team will receive an advantage later.


Jamie: I’m not really good with water…


Grayson: Let’s rock this guys!


Hatutu members in the water.


Some members of Eiao hug close to the shore.

After 7 hours,


Jacqueline is the last member for Hatutu in the water.


Jeriah, Cassie and Yolandri are getting out of the water. Just Grayson is left.

….. After another hour…


Jacqueline get’s out of the water.


Grayson wins immunity for Eiao!


Congratulations, you guys won 4 sleeping bags!

Group: Horay!


Sorry Hatutu, tonight, one of you will be eliminated.

Hatutu, Day 3:


Jamie: So we are all still on the same page?

Alyssa: Totally!


Jamie: I mean, it’s clear, Minerva has got to go. She almost drowned in the challenge today. She is just too old to compete.


Richard: *reading* The advantage of being picked last is that you cannot be eliminated in tonight’s tribal council. Sweet!!


Richard: This deal is great! I mean, I am safe tonight! I love it! Who knew being picked last would be so good!


Minerva: So guys, we are all on board?

Alabaster: Yeah, sounds like a great plan!


Minerva: Tonight could go 1 of 2 ways. In one scenario, my alliance holds through, in the other, they’ve been lying to me, and I go home. Let’s hope that does not happen.


This is tribal council. After every three day cycle, a team will come here and vote to eliminate someone from the game. One the votes are read, the decision is final, and someone will be permanently eliminated from the game. Let’s get to the votes!


Jamie, Alyssa and Richard vote for Minerva.


Robin, Amir and Alabaster vote for Jamie.


Jacqueline and Minerva vote for Jamie.


The votes are 5-3, Jamie. And with that, Jamie Sparks is the first sim to be eliminated from the game.

Jamie’s last words: Well, I did not see that coming! How could the other four of them think keeping a 70 year old hag would help them over keeping me? Whatever! I did not want to go home this early! I had a bigger game to play. Damn. Best of luck to Alyssa and Richard.

What will happen next time on Sim Survivor 5?


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  1. ReadReadReadRead says:

    Jeriah: I think we should bring Jake into our alliance. He is old, but he can get stuff done.

    Grayson: Maaan, I agree! Jake is wicked!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yes, Jake is indeed wicked. Great update! )

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